About Us

AVI Organization was established in 2018, and it is focused on raising public awareness related to health issues present in the society and building a developed health sector based on every great measure and standard.

AVI Organization for Health Awareness and Development is a non-profit organization, non-governmental organization based in the city of Erbil, Iraq. AVI Organization was established in 2018, and it is focused on raising public awareness related to health issues present in the society and building a developed health sector based on every great measure and standard. AVI Org is directed and supervised by doctors and medical community members including specialized doctors, medical graduates, medical students, and volunteers of different majors. With a precise understanding of the current situation of the medical environment in Kurdistan region, AVI Org. Works with agendas developed by specialists to provide support and development for day to day and long term problems in the medical field.
Dr. Mateen A. Duhoki

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread around the world, with no end yet in sight. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to those affected by COVID-19 and their families and my deepest respect and gratitude to the healthcare professionals and others battling on the front lines.

As the Director-general of AVI Organization for Health awareness and development, it is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of our dedicated physicians and healthcare professionals who work together to provide essential health care services to help our community individuals to achieve optimum long-term health.

It is a privilege to be a part of an exceptional team of people who are passionate about providing the very best care for our community. We are committed to being flexible, innovative, and nimble to respond rapidly as health hazards impact our communities.

Promoting health and combating chronic diseases is the purpose why AVI Organization was established in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We believe that a healthy population is a basic foundation for achieving sustainable socio-economic development.

By promoting the health and well-being of the population, we contribute to a healthy society that can play an integral role in a vibrant community that actively engages in various livelihood programs and entrepreneurial activities that not only will help the families survive but also contributes to the sustainable development of each community and the country as a whole.

We believe now is the time to come together. While there is much that is unknown about COVID-19, there are many "knowns" in our community: We have deeply committed nonprofits and municipal governments working hard to ensure that our communities remain safe, healthy, and thriving.

In this institutional web profile, you will learn more about the purposes of AVI, our vision and mission, goals, and areas of interventions. Our strategic plan highlights our guiding principles and contributions towards helping our people live better lives. AVI implements various initiatives and programs in the health sector for a better KRI.

We have generous philanthropic partners who believe that health is paramount to safe, and thriving communities. And we have AVI organization, committed to being collaborative, nimble, and ever-present in these challenging times.

We are passionate about our mission and look forward to the future with hope and optimism. We are one community. We stand strong together. We are resilient in these difficult times. We are here with and for you. On behalf of our Governing Board of Directors, Volunteers and Staff – we say Stay healthy

Dr. Mateen A.
Our Vision And Mission

AVI Org aspires to provide a better healthcare and provide awareness and plans for the community of Kurdistan. With the proper vision and planning, AVI Org implements awareness campaigns and projects based in every city of the region.

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Better Healthcare

Avi organization works on Developing dialogue forums through which problems can be discussed and solved


Avi organization works to provide a better healthcare and aim Promoting awareness and solidarity in the society


Avi organization works on Implementing projects that provide and sustain productive agendas for the medical system


Collaboration with stakeholders in the medical society to establish a strong medical foundation for emergencies.

Future Orientation

AVI is focused on implementing projects and building impacts that act radically and effectively on a period of time. Future projects and conferences that AVI is working are related to topics such as nutrition, milk and supplements. On the long term, AVI is planning to cooperate with major influencers, companies, organizations and institutions to implement projects that spread that implement

Employment Policies
No previous criminal recordEstablish connections between sectors of the medical department and the other governmental institutionsScreening activities related to health statuses of the communitiesDeveloping the technology and methodology of healthcareDigitalizing the system and creating profiles for the patients with their medical history