100 cancer survivors
file100 cancer survivors

1-The longest Cancer ribbon in the World: As AVI Organization we made the longest cancer ribbon 7,229.87 METRES on one of the mountains in Sulaymaniyah city as a success sign to show the whole city and the whole world that we all stand against cancer, and we gathered national and international medias in the event broadcasting the longest cancer ribbon in the world, also the world record book was officially invited to this activity in order to record it in Guinness World Records book.

2- A cancer support concert: at the end of the first day 4th of February 2020 of the conference, a public concert was prepared for supporting cancer in Saad-Abdullah Hall in Erbil the Capital of Kurdistan, with participation of a number of famous local singers. The concert attendance was open and free to everyone and a donation boxes were distributed everywhere in the concert for cancer support donators and, the donation box got returned to cancer box of ministry of health of Kurdistan region of Iraq.

3- The marathon for fighting cancer: on the morning of the First day, there was a public marathon, being organized by AVI, in Slemani city under the theme of (a Running to fight cancer). With the participation of cancer child patients’ public figures, and decision-makers under the theme of (a Running to fight cancer).


1-The longest Cancer ribbon in the World:

2-A cancer support concert

3- The marathon for fighting cancer

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