AVI org. recruits staff regardless of their gender, ethnic, religious, and political orientation

Criteria of Selection

AVI org. recruits staff regardless of their gender, ethnic, religious, and political orientation, within a safe and tolerant environment but however requires to own specific qualities as individuals alongside requirements of the positions their holding.

Educational Background

Educational Background: with variation upon occupied positions, AVI requires and educational attainment of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and/or qualifying experience.

Prior experience

Prior experience: preferred but varies upon position


Languages: Minimum of two languages, Kurdish/Arabic/English.

Computer skills

Computer skills: Research, MS office, E-mails and browsing. For marketing and designing positions, further skills are mandatory

Personal skills

Personal skills: this includes leadership, communication, and professional skills

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Employment Policies
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugsNo previous criminal record
Behavioral Policies
No Violence: AVI does not tolerate violence in any form, verbal or physical, nor mental harm.No Discrimination: AVI does not tolerate discrimination between staff from other staff, managers, president or whomever.No Difference: AVI employees must be equal and respected regardless of their ethnical, religious and political orientations as well as skin color or language.Gender Equality and Equity: AVI provides understanding, justice and equal opportunities to its employees both male and females.No Harassment or Sexual abuse: AVI does NOT Tolerate sexual harassments, abuse or behaviors in ANY form. Any action reported will be referred to extreme disciplinary action or termination.No Retaliation: AVI preserves the safety of its employees and their identity regarding files complaints to maintain neutrality and prevent retaliation.